The best smelling cologne for men 2015

Are you looking for the best smelling cologne for men? Do you want to buy your wife a top rated perfume and you don’t know the best brand to go for? If the answer to the above question is, one fashion house you should be on the look out for its product is Gucci. The company was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. Initially, the company was not creating perfume. It introduced its first line of perfume in 1974 with the creation of women perfume. Since then it has introduced various types of fragrances for both genders. But as normal with the products of other fashion houses, some of the products of Gucci have better rating in Amazon than others. If you are a Gucci buff, here are the top rated products that you should know.

1. Gucci Pour Homme II By Gucci For Men

This product is specifically meant for men. It has a size of 1.7 oz. It is a light scent made with black tea, wood musk, tobacco cinnamon and bergamot. The fragrance is one thing that many consumers have liked about this perfume. Most wearers of this cologne have noted they got many compliments from others when they perceived the fragrance of the perfume. However, this does not mean that the fragrance of the cologne will overcome the scent of the perfume of other people around. Another good aspect of this cologne which many reviewers like is that the fragrance lasts longer. Just squirt it on your clothes for two or three times and the smell will be with you for the whole day.

However, some buyers have complained that the fragrance of the perfume they bought did not last longer. The reason for that is because they did not buy it from a reliable source. What they received was not the original product from Gucci. People who have used the original cologne have attested to that.

A number of online reviewers of this product in Amazon are women. They bought it for their husband and have confessed that it has a sexy aroma that will pull you closer to your partner in a sexy manner.

It is an eau de toilette type of perfume meant for external use. When you are squirting it, ensure that it does not touch your eyes and broken or inflamed skin. You have to reduce the quantity you squirt or even stop using it completely, if it irritates your skin. It is a highly flammable volatile liquid. Thus, you should ensure that it has no contact with naked flames or source of heat.


2. Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce

This is another quality cologne by Gucci. The 3.0 oz perfume is created for men. Though, it is meant for casual wear or for casual outing, it can also be worn on other types wears. It comprises essence of calone, essence of cypress, sweet tobacco, violet, amber, patchouli, black pepper, cedar, wood, warm incense of leather accord and amirs.

It is also meant for external use. You should spray it behind your ears, neck and wrists. The fragrance will remain on you for the entire day. It is a cologne for men who will like to smell sexy and remain attractive to their wives and girl friends. It is a perfume to use as a gift for your boyfriend or husband.

However, some online reviewers have complained that the fragrant of the product they received did not last longer. We think that problem is not from the makers but from some sellers that sell fake products.

The packaging is nice. It fresh and clean aromatic liquid is contained in a small bottle that is somewhat rectangular in shape with the product name clearly printed on it.


3. Gucci Eau de Toilettes Spray for Men by Gucci

As implicit from the name, this cologne is specifically created and introduced in the market in 2008 for men’s use. It is an eau de toilette cologne that is available in 3.0 oz. The top notes of this aromatic liquid are a perfect blend of cypress, bergamot, and violet while the heart notes are jasmine and tobacco leaves. The base notes consists of amber, elem. and patchouli. It has not got an overpowering scent. Reviewers have commended the fragrance of this product. However, opinion varies regarding the extent the smell can last. A good number of reviewers are of the opinion that it lasts longer while some say it does not last longer. We think the reasons for this may be that some sellers are not selling original products while some sell original products from Gucci. If you buy the original product, the smell will stick to your body for the entire day and yet does not overpower other smells on your body. There are some buyers that have used many bottles and confirmed that what the got from their sellers were different from the original. Take time to read the reviews of the seller to ensure that you did not get a knock-off product.

The bottle is not too heavy. As typical of Gucci, the perfume comes in a wonderful and attractive packaging. The brand name is clearly printed on both the bottle and pack to enable you differentiate original from a knock-off product.


4. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Sport by Gucci

Gucci is a well known name in the fashion industry. The company is known for the production of high quality perfume with impressive and long lasting and non-overpowering fragrance. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme is an embodiment of all the qualities for which Gucci products are known for. It is a one pound product with 4x5x6 inches product dimension. If you are looking for a cologne that you can wear for any occasion at anytime of the day, this product should be an option for you because it is created to be used for any daytime occasion. Just squirts few drops on your pulse points or clothes and you are good to go. The fragrance will remain with you until come back to retire for the day. Definitely, you will get numerous compliments from your friends, colleague and any person that comes in contact with you. It has an excellent projection but its citrus-y fragrance is not overpowering.



Gucci cologne and perfumes are very popular in the market today. Whether you are looking for the best smelling cologne for men or perfume for women, Gucci should be an option for you. Since the fashion house introduced its first fragrance, it has continued to released quality perfume. The above mentioned perfumed are just few of the numerous top rated perfume from this fashion house. If you want to read more reviews of top brands and products, you have to visit our site. We have found great discount deals for you. The reviews contained in our site are highly informative and they will help you to make informed decision regarding which perfume or cologne will suit you more. Click here to find more reviews.