How to Choose the Best Cologne for Men?

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Do you want to Choose Cologne for Men?

Best cologne for menChoosing the best cologne for men either for oneself or as a present to another person can be confusing and tricky because choices differs when it comes to fragrance. Some men just pick whatever cologne they find in a store. Some choose their cologne based on the designer and others choose their cologne based on fragrance that satisfies their olfactory organs regardless of its type or occasions it is meant for. There are another group of men or cologne buyer that go only look for the best buy. However, if you care about picking the best cologne for men, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration which include but not limited to the following.

Go for spicy scent

Though when it comes to fragrances, choices are not the same, but most men prefer spicy scents in which frankincense, driftwood and sandalwood are blended together. So, if you are confused about which scent will serve you better, you should go for spicy scents.

Pick cologne with lighter scents

Bentley_Azure_for_MenGenerally, men’s cologne have lighter scent than women’s cologne. Most people especially do not like cologne with overpowering fragrance or scent. Just like most men do, when you are out there in the market to pick the right cologne go for a type with light scent which include flowers such as lilac, lavender and rose. Such fragrances are very subtle.

Choose citrus scents

The base note of most cologne is composed of citrus scents. Since, it is one of the most popular base notes, you should go for cologne with citrus base note which include orange, grapefruit, and lemon

Go for musky, heavy scents

There are some women that prefer such scents. If your woman like it, you should go for it at least to make her happy. You may not like the fragrance as most men do not. But that should not stop you from picking it. You can always wear it when you are going to be with your girl. When you go home, you can wash off the fragrance.

Consider cost

Pick-the-Best-Cologne-Perfume-Ever-for-Men-2If you are on budget or if you cannot afford to buy costly designer cologne, you should go for fake designer cologne. Such colognes are sold at lower price. But some of them have nice and long lasting scent. So, you may be lucky to find a type that has long lasting scent. But make sure that it does not irritate your body or that it does not contain any ingredient that will give rise to allergic reaction.

Note that as far as cologne is concerned, no choice is permanent or lasts forever. What today is your favorite cologne may not be tomorrow. New products are being introduced in the market on daily basis and it is possible for a simple new product to win you over. The reason for this is because body chemistry changes as well as tastes and seasons. Besides, most high priced colognes come with citrus base which dispenses heavier muskier scents.

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