Creed Aventus Creed 4 OZ Millesime Spray For Men Review

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Men really need to have a nice smell that comes from any of the fragrance that is present to be explored. Creed Aventus Creed will give you that executive sweet smelling scent that you have always wanted. If you are looking for an eau de Cologne that will make you to smell good throughout the day, you should consider buying this Aventus Creed. Below are the pros and cons of the Cologne.

Why Creed Aventus Creed?

This is one of the colognes in the market with the sweetest smell that everyone appreciates. Those who don’t want this cologne have the sole reason of not wanting a scent that will be accompanied with lots of legitimate complements. Everyone at your work place will always be turning at you and they will of course want to know where you bought it so that they can give it a try as well. It has pineapple or citrus base notes that is very warm as well as tropical smelling. Be sure of hearing the phrase “you smell good” if you wear its scent.


Bearable Scent: You really don’t want to wear a scent that is too strong for the noses of those you are within the same vehicle or in office. Some scents will make people next to you to constantly sneeze and Creed Aventus is surely not among them. In addition to smelling nice, the cologne is not too strong for those who are allergic. It doesn’t also have the alcohol smell that’s characterized with many colognes and perfumes in the market today. I came to realize that this is the perfume that I consider to be my signature perfume since whenever I spray it, I always get the most and the best complements ever. It does make my day.

Fine Fragrance: There is no fragrance that will give you a sense of being distinct and of some class than a fine fragrance. This is exactly what I get in Creed Aventus whenever I use it. It is a true enhancement that I always get from the wondrous variety of scents that I have used before. I don’t remember the last time I bought another bottle of the same cologne after the first had got finished. The Creed Aventus Creed 4 OZ Millesime Spray For Men bottle I have now is the second one that I am using and I bet that I will go for a third one.

Suitable for all men: Some colognes have got scents that are only associated with the youth and maybe young men below the age of forty. Creed Aventus is however different from the rest since it can comfortably be used by mature men. You will have a long lasting good impression on the people you are interacting with, something that will clearly be seen on their faces. This is truly real in boosting the ego of men due to its great scent. Once your ego is boosted, you will obviously feel fresh as well as feeling good.


It has a lot of negative feedbacks resulting from poor smell and diluted content. There are knock-off products in the market as few consumers have complained. A consumer has complained that the packaging was poorly done and the content was diluted.

Another consumer in Amazon also complained that smell did not last long. It disappears just 30 minutes after he squirts it.


This product in itself is good and has good fragrance that will remain with you till the entire day. When you want to order for it, ensure that you buy from a reliable seller so that you will not get a knock-off product.

If you are excited about this product, you should click here to take advantage of the numerous offers available in Amazon.

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