Creed Silver Mountain Eau de Parfum Spray for Men, 4 Fluid Ounce Review

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Creed Silver Mountain is noble cologne that will give you the sweet executive scent that you have always yearned for. Just give it a try and you will surely testify that it has not given you a run for your money. The cologne comes with a daytime use recommendation to ensure that you keep having that nice smell on a daily basis.

Why Creed Silver Mountain?

Creed Silver Mountain is an Eau de Parfum Spray created by Creed design house which is one of the famous fashion house across the globe. It is known for quality product. So, if you buy this cologne whether for yourself or as a gift to another person, you will definitely have a peace of mind that you are wearing quality designer cologne. and is characterized with fresh crisp together with clean notes fragrance. If you surely want to have a vision of a big picture yet at an affordable cost, Creed Silver Mountain will give you exactly that.


The best cologne: Creed Silver Mountain has got some fragrance that determines your true passion and like for the sense of smell. This is just the best product for those living a fashionable as well as those living a sophisticate lifestyle.

A lovely Fragrance: It is very common to find some fragrance that are loved by one gender but not loved by the other. It’s not quite right for you to use cologne that irritates your partner even if it is just the best fragrance for yourself. Creed Silver Mountain is however different because even its scent is loved not only by the men using it but also by the women they live with. Its scent is very much irresistible to your spouse and even if she used not to sense your presence, she will always be close to you whenever you are at home due to the nice scent from the cologne.

For Perfume Freaks: Perfume lovers automatically love this cologne from the first time they use it. On the other hand, it is always quite difficult to convince perfume freaks that the scent of this or that will not be too strong to scare others away. This cologne is just the best for such people. This is because it has a fresh white as well as a rich green. Its fragrance literally lasts for a whole day.

Economical: Spending lots of dollars on a cologne that’s smells nice but does not last the whole day on your clothe isn’t economical. You will have to keep on spraying throughout the day to ensure that you smell nice throughout the day. This is quite difficult with men who don’t carry such items to work. On the other hand, having cologne that lasts for days but the fragrance doesn’t smell good enough for you is equally of no good use. Creed Silver Mountain is so economical and convenient because it will last for a whole day on your clothes. The scent is also very irresistible to friends and foes alike.


This cologne has excellent feedbacks. However, there are few complaints from some consumers who got knock-off products. In other words, the product itself has no problem. If you should try to buy from a reliable source.

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Creed Silver Mountain is an option for you if you are looking for a cologne to squirt when you are going to work or going about your daily business. It has strong last fragrance with good projection. You will definite receive a lot of compliments anytime you squirt it while going out.

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