Creed Vetiver By Creed For Men, Eau De Parfum Spray, 4-Ounces Review

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The Creed Vetiver cologne is one cologne for men that’s will give you that vetiver scent that’s not just appealing to men alone but also to women. It is an eau de parfum spray created and introduced in the market in 1948 by Creed fashion house.

Why Creed Vetiver?

The best way of knowing whether you smell good in cologne is by receiving complements from others. Some always think that when they are told that they smell good, then the friends are just but flattering them. It is therefore a rubberstamo that you truly smell nice if strangers are the ones telling you that. When I squirt Creed Vetiver for the first time, on that very day I was told by six different ladies that I smelled nice. In addition to my friends and colleagues who said the same thing, my day was just wow!


Sweet Fragrance

Lemon, ginger and mandarin are the most dominant base notes in this cologne. There is no doubt that you may be wondering how why this cologne should have a ginger as one of its base notes or why someone should really want to have the smell of ginger. After trying it, you realize how wrong you are because it is not just a smell but a scent. The cologne has been giving me an unbelievably clean, fresh and sweet smell that I had never imagined that I would ever have. It comes with a fragrance that can safely be worn in any environment. If you are an office guy, this is just the perfect cologne for you since it does not only smell nice but it’s also unique and accompanied with so many complements. The vetiver is also quite different and is also appropriate for casual and summer wear.

Long lasting with good project

This cologne has sweet fragrance that does not just have an appreciable projection but that will remain with you for a long time. If you are the type that wears a shirt more once, you will still smell good when you put on your shirt the next day.

Good for Presenting As a Gift

After having used this cologne, I loved the scent and thenceforth decided to buy it for a friend of mine as a birthday’s gift. You can’t imagine how strong our bond has increased. He really loved it and has been thanking me every time we are together. He tells me that the complements he is receiving from friends are just too much and overwhelming for him. It is because of this gift to him that he has kept on trying other creed fragrance so that he can realize what he has been lacking for all these years. So far, he has bought three different creed fragrances to give them a try but Creed Vetiver still remains unbeatable.


A consumer has complained that what he got was just freaking water. Some sellers package fake products and send to the consumers. Be careful when you want to order for it. Check the seller’s review to find out the reputation.

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Creed Vetiver is truly the favourite cologne of many men out there. A lot of men who have always loved unique things and are sensitive to smell make use of this. This cologne is fresh, elegant, woodsy and just the best fragrance that someone should always seek for. If you are looking for cologne with long lasting fragrance, you should you give it a try and you will prove for yourself that this is a must have cologne.

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