Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior for Men Review

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The use of perfumes, colognes and body sprays might have reduced for the men in recent times probably due to the predictability in certain products. With Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior for Men, so many men have reignited their desire for body scents. This cologne is one that has got all you need to smell good and feel very comfortable whenever, wherever and with whomever.

Why Christian Dior?

When you talk of the most reliable source of the best colognes out there, you talk of Christian Dior. They have a lot of body conditioning products that have received a lot of thumb ups and Eau Sauvage is just an extra feather to their cap. Its exclusively masculine fragrance is perceived by many to be a perfect combination of citrus, lemon, basil and rosemary all blended in an awesome manner that leave virtually every woman that crosses your way saying hello.

Eau Sauvage cologne by Christian Dior has been tested to be perfect on evening wears but also rocks anytime and can be used for special occasions. It is also best used and most effective when used on body pulse points such as the knee, wrist, the back of the ear, beneath the throat, to mention but a few. These parts of the body due to the closeness of blood vessels to their skin layers, are know to dispatch more heat and with a strong cologne like Eau Sauvage combining with the power of the heat that emanates from these regions, a little spray can serve you well. Its scent does not instigate any allergy as it is very natural which, I think, is a reason why it will definitely make you stand out in any crowd.


This product attracts users with the following mouth-watering advantages:

  • Has a pleasant smell: You will surely like this product if you are in love with nice fragrances. With its seductive fragrance, you will find anywhere as a comfort zone and so will people find being close to you.
  • No side effects: Eau Sauvage has been tested and trusted to be absolutely healthy for your wears and skin. It is manufactured with harmless materials by experts who know the value of health.
  • Lasts longer than you can ever imagine: How awesome it is that in addition to the top quality service this product gives its users, it does that for a longer time. Its scent lasts for days and fades outs gradually even after persistent wash. This allows users get the maximum satisfaction they need. With just a single spray, you are sure to smell good for days.


There are some problems you might encounter when you opt for Eau Sauvage. These include:

  • It is expensive: It has been discovered that this product seems too expensive compared to the likes of it. It, at the moment, in many parts of the world
  • Scarce: Another problem with this product is that in some parts of the world, it tends to be extremely scarce. This makes it difficult for users to get one.

Eau Sauvage is one of the Christian Dior products that should be a must have for every man. It is a combination of class and quality.


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