Giorgio Armani Code Sport for Men Eau De Toilette Spray Review

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Giorgio Armani is said the to be the most accomplished Italian designer. The Italian fashion designer has won various awards in the fashion industry. His fashion house named after him specializes in making different kinds of men’s fashion accessories. It is difficult to find a male fashionista who has not heard about or used Giorgio Armani product. The fashion house is also into the production of various kinds of sweet fragrance for men. Giorgio Armani Code Sport is an eau de toilette spray from this fashion house that you should know if you are looking for a quality cologne with a long lasting fragrance. Read on to know more about this fragrance.

Code sport for men belongs to spicy type of fragrance. It was launched by the Italian fashion house in 2005. Its seductive and sexy fragrance makes it a veritable option for flirting personality or any men that wants to get attracted to women. It boosts your confidence and ego when you are standing in the crowd because you will get a lot of compliments from friends and people standing around. A consumer in Amazon was so pleased with the fragrance that he advised every man to get it. According to him, the eau de toilette is on point with women. The fragrance notes of Code Sport comprise three types of mint and opiates with vetiver, ginger and amber, mandarin and lemon, bergamot, tonka bean, guanaco wood, olive flower and aromatic mediterranean notes.

The cologne has been reviewed by a number of people and most of them speak well of the fragrance or scent which is a perfect blend of floral and citrus smells. The crisp masculine smell is not overly complex. It is fresh, clean and simple. Though, it is meant for bodily use, it can also be used in under environments. For example you may squirt a little bit in your car to give it a refreshing aroma. If you are lucky to get the original product, it will remain on you or anyplace where it was applied throughout the day anytime you squirt. it It is an option for men that wear their clothes more than once before washing it.

The cologne which combines sophistication with sleek seductiveness is meant to be used in all season. It can be applied during the hot weather of the summer season and cold weather of the winter. The cologne is suitable for daytime wear. So, it is an option for men who are looking for an eau de toilette they will wear to office, conferences, meetings of various types and other day activities. You can apply it even when you are going to have a relaxing moment in the beach. However, you can also apply it for night outing.


Giorgio Armani Code Sport is one of the great products of the Italian giant fashion house Giorgio Armani. Its long lasting fragrance is one of its features that many consumers have commended in Amazon in their feedbacks. However, if you are ordering for this product, you should make sure that you buy from a reliable seller. There were few consumers that complained of getting knock-off from some sellers.

You will surely find great offers in Amazon if you are interested in this product. Click here for your discounts and to know more about this product and other top rated colognes in the market today.

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