Green Irish Tweed By Creed For Men, Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz Review

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Green Irish Tweed By Creed For Men Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz is that one cologne that comes with a very sophisticated scent hence its universal application. If you want cologne that can be used by all the men in your household, regardless of the age and can also be used for all the occasions, then Green Irish Tweed By Creed For Men Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz is here for you.

Why Green Irish Tweed?

First, it is created by Creed fashion house, which is one of the most popular designs houses across the globe. The design house is known for creating quality cologne. So, if you squirt it, people will hail you and complement you for using a quality cologne.


Addictive Smell

Green Irish Tweed By Creed For Men Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz has a very addictive and fresh scent. It is just too sexy and I can prove this by the number of complements I receive from ladies, even those I considered to be classier than I and I thought nothing good could ever come between us. This cologne truly has the closest fragrance to pheromones among all the colognes that I have used before. This makes it to be the best for all those who want to strengthen their bonds with their wives or girlfriends. It is also good for those who want to get out of bachelorhood but have not yet found someone to propose to. The fragrance in this cologne will draw them closer.

A Sophisticated Scent

It is almost impossible that you can be able to identify the real nature of the fragrance in Green Irish Tweed By Creed For Men Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz. it is sophisticated though nice and sweet, featuring a blend of violet leaves, ambergris, Florentine iris, French verbena and Mysore sandalwood. This makes it to suit almost all the occasions that I have always been involved in. its sophisticated scent also makes it to be all round and not associated with a specific age group. It will go well with the mature men as well as those in their twenties. I do give creed credit for coming up with nice colognes but this one, also produced by Creed house, is just outstanding.

Worth Complements

Green Irish Tweed By Creed For Men Millesime Spray 4.0 Oz is one of those colognes that I can really testify that it deserves all the complements. When I decided to buy this cologne, I was a bit worried about spending more than a hundred dollars on something that would fail me. Disappointments and embarrassments never came and I have been happy for deciding to give it a try. I have received a thousand and one complements especially from the people that I have always wanted to please in my life. Questions about where someone can get this kind of fragrance have also been coming, indications that people appreciate it and they want to have it as well.


The major disadvantage of this cologne is that it has got some bad feedbacks as a result of fake products. So, be warned of fake product when you want to order for it.

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Green Irish Tweed is a perfectly tailored cologne that’s worn by many celebrities both in the Hollywood and the music industry. Its invigorating freshness, pure masculinity makes it to not only be the most artistic fragrance produced by Creed house but is also very successful.

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